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Flip Barrison is an American Hip Hop Recording artist residing in Richmond Virginia. F.Low has been recording music for over 10 years and owns the Independent Record Label, Hot Bars Music Group, LLC.

In 2002, F.Low was introduced to writing music by his younger Foster brother. From time to time, they would record battle songs over Industry beats against each other, and Fdot began growing a strong interest in the culture and in song writing in general. Fast forward to 2004, F.Low met up with a high school friend, Late- David Provau aka DyNasty Boi, and they formed Getto Boy Ent. as their first Record Label startup. Still without any way to record, F.Low purchased a computer, a Dynamic microphone, and a DAW software and his Home studio was born. In 2006, they started recording their very first mixtape, 7 Cities Showcase which was a mixtape showcasing their new label signees including Benefitz, Problem, Brown, Nikki D, and more. 7 Cities Showcase moved over 200 hard copies, and less than 100 digital copies.

June 2008, DyNasty Boi passed away causing F.Low to lose motivation to create music until reuniting with another High School friend, Taurean Driver aka Biggie Deaf. They went on to create a mixtape series, New-Born Veteranz which moved over 400 hard copies, and 300 digital copies on both Volumes released. Early 2010, F.Low decided to record a solo mixtape series which has created a very strong buzz and is well known for titled, I Dont Need a Deal. To date, the series has moved over 20,000 digital copies, and over 2000 hard copies, and continues to grow. In 2016, F.Low released his very first debut album which is distributed on all streaming and Music sites worldwide, Take The Good With The Bad.2018 looks to be a breakout year for Flip Barrison. 





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